Errorist in Taiwan (Taipei Biennial 08) + Etcetera… Anthology exhibition (MAC Chile)

Eroristas' tan son işler, Taipei Bienali ve MAC-Santiago de Chile sergileri. Yanılmıyorsam imajlar sırasıyla MAC-Santiago Chile, Taipei Bienali ve yine Taipei bienalinin parçası olan Oliver Ressler'in küratörlüğünde yapılan sergiden.

MAC in Santiago de Chile

“Etcetera… Etcetera…” the Anthology Exhibition about the 10 years of Etcetera…
is now in the MAC in Santiago de Chile

Taipei Bienale 2008, Taiwan

Curators: Manray Hsu - Vasif Kortun

“We are all errorist”- Following with the viral expansion of the errorism around the world , here you can see the Installation made by some members of the International Errorist from Asia and South America.

“To Eat, To Create!”- Also in the second floor of the same Biennial, in the section curated by the artist Oliver Ressler “A World Where Many Worlds Fit” : The installation with two of the most remembered actions made by the collective Etcetera…around 2001 , the times of the big social and economical crisis in Argentina “A comer!” and “El Mierdazo”.

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