We Found the Baby in Copenhagen

We Found the Baby in Copenhagen / ESTHER LU

I landed Copenhagen this morning palely in illness, and we together found the baby tonight after a few drinks and some smoky hours.

How possibly a performative research could be? Hee, it came to us witha slim white porcelain vase on the table, which was putting up the whole hilarious scene including falling itself downward to the floor twice till we eventually were forced to eat on the carpet, and anyway the white sexy thing become the dick of the night. Here we go, a dick
in your brain. Baby, we are growing the dick in our brain, while we were having hot discussion on new feminism and internationalism. By the way, I have to make a note on that table, because it transformed
us into another spacetime in one click. Performative research involves with a) characters—fictional or natural born actors and actresses, b) setting—reality show or studio shoot, c) script—written, rehearsed or spontaneous, d) media, like we are shooting with video camera or writing in on a blog.

Today's topic is hot, and is conducted out of biological reaction that we feel sorry that we have dicks in our brain.

Now, let's grow the dick on the brain. Why not? Make it a new fashion.Get headish instead of footish! It's cool, sexy, slippery and good-looking!

Today I am eating soup from Elmas, so I am feeding her blog with my
borrowed diary.


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elmasdeniz.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

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